One last blast!

Pelican point on a good day can see up to 50 windsurfers out having a blast

So the story goes, last year I was competing on Lake Garda in Italy and one of my team mates had some windsurfing equipment and decided to take me and a couple of friends out just for some fun. He was quite good at it but compared to us he looked like a rock star. I could barley stand on the board let alone get the sail up. Despite not even being able to move I had a great time and did a few more sessions with hired gear before I left Lake Garda. I was still pretty bad at it and I made the resolution that the next time I was in Garda I would be a much better windsurfer.

Windsurfing will make you fit and teach you some great skills at the expense of your hands and body in general haha

When I returned to Perth after the worlds in September I made the investment to buy some kit and start getting out there. Now only a couple of months later I go out as much as I can. I’m so addicted to it. Being a Laser sailor we aren’t really known as the speed demons of the yachting world and for good reason. On a really windy day at max speed I can sail my Laser about 18 knots (33 km/h). On my windsurfer on a moderate day I can easily reach speeds over 30 knots (55 km/h). Sadly today will have to be my last session before my eventual return to Lake Garda as I don’t have any equipment in Sydney and just cant lug all this stuff around the world with me. No big deal though it was still an awesome session and I did some of my best carve gybes yet. I’m really looking forward to my return to Italy so I can for fill my goal.

Talk soon yeeew 🙂

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