An extra long weekend!

Saturday was a great rest day. The sun was out and the town was buzzing so we decided to make the most of the great weather. We all went into Manly and checked out the Hurley Australian Open of Surfing which had everything from a fitness competition to a massive skate bowl and a whole bunch of shops. We went for a swim and got so into the spirit that we hired some bodyboards and a surfboard for Mitch and got into it. I capped off the session with some great Japanese food to round out a great day.

I told the boys to smile but that didn't happen
I told the boys to smile but that didn’t happen

Sunday morning I spent in the hills of Mosman. 10 x repeats of two different hills had me ruined for most of the day after that. I still had the energy to go for a wander around military road with the fellas at lunch time but I spent most of the afternoon inside firing off some emails. I also cooked up this mean vegan couscous and vegetable roast which was pretty epic!

Keeping myself carbed up
Keeping myself carbed up

And finally today is the reason we have had an extra long weekend. After a 6 am bike ride to try and spin out my legs from the day before I got the news. A fire started late last night at Middle Harbor Yacht Club which had the place completely closed off meaning no sailing for us while fire crews and investigators made sure the building was safe. Not to be deterred I made the most of my afternoon and did something I had been meaning to do for a while.


I have been watching videos of climbers for a while now and I always knew climbing gyms existed but I never put the two together. Today I finally did and I rode to a place near by and spent a good two-and-a-half hours Bouldering (as in the picture, climbing on a wall freestyle trying to get to the top). It was really hard but I was stoked to get some good runs and to meet some new people. I’ll definitely be going back. We should finally get some in sailing tomorrow 🙂

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