A regatta & a flight

Last weekend was my last time sailing in WA for a while and I finished it off by competing in the Royal Perth Yacht Club Mini Series, a small two day event that attracts a large number of dinghy’s including most of WA’s best laser sailors. We had a particularly hot weekend which meant the wind stayed mostly light and pretty random. On the first day I struggled to keep consistent in the unpredictable airs which resulted in a 1st and two 2nd places behind Mark Spearmen. I managed to lift my game on day two and sailed a much better day with three 1st places and a 2nd to clinch the regatta by a point. Big thanks to Spero for keeping it tight and the race committee for making it a great event.

That night and the next day was hectic as I finalized my packing before getting to bed at 10 pm only to wake with my alarm ringing at 3 am to get the taxi to the airport to be on the plane to Sydney by 5.30 am, phew! I made it all ok and settled back into the team house we have here in Mosman and met up with team mates Mitch and Wearny.

Aviary Photo_130681133338855234

Now just two days later I’ve already completed two on water sessions, a gym session, a morning cycle and a quick swim session. It’s been pretty busy but the routine is set now so everything’s going well. Sorry I don’t have any photos from the Mini Series but here’s one from the deck at Middle Harbor Yacht Club today.

Stay posted 🙂

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