A long day…

So after today I’m ready for bed and it’s only 7.30 pm. Today we were allowed access to the club after the fire and we were told that everything in the Australian Team shed had to be moved today unless we didn’t want it for the next three months. The whole area will be blocked off to us so in the hot 30 degree weather some of the team got together and we emptied the entire content of the team shed. Literally years of random junk was pulled out along with a Laser, two 49ers, heaps of masts and a mountain of sails. Five hours in the heat took its toll and to cap it off the hard days of cycling and rock climbing from the last few days had caught up with me. My hands and forearms were so sore I could barely lift the cover off my boat as I got ready to go training this afternoon. Rock climbing 1 / Luke 0

The moving team. They’re not bad sailors either!


Safe to say as I hit the water I really wasn’t with it. I was surprised I did as well as I did considering how my body felt and how unfocused I was. I think the hardest part of being a full time athlete is getting the rest-to-work ratio correct. I always want to push the limit and get the most out of every day but by doing so I’m always running the risk of being over trained and today was a clear example of that. Hopefully I can get myself recovered for tomorrow.

To finish this post, Mitch very happy with his dinner
To finish this post, Mitch very happy with his mountain of spagetti 😀


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