A great day to end a good week!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. The week has been pretty crazy. I’ll go back to the beginning for you. Monday and Tuesday saw the first team camp for the year. Basically the whole Australian Team across all classes gets together and discusses the plans for the season and what we need to achieve. This camp was shorter than normal which was great because everyone is really under the pump now finalizing their training for Europe. It was really cool to get to hang out with some people I hadn’t seen since the Worlds. On top of all this we got our new team clothing for the season from our sponsor Nautica who were more than generous with what they gave to everyone.

Thanks Nautica :)
Thanks Nautica 🙂


Morning fitness with the team
Planning stuff
Planning stuff

After the camp it was back to work on Wednesday with some offshore training in some big wind and waves. It was great to get back out on the water in some good wind and even better to be out there feeling great 😀

Snapshot 1 (27-02-2015 9-39 PM)

Thursday was a bit of a different day to the normal routine. I woke up early and drove 2 hours up to PSA in Gosford to organize some equipment. Basically I spent the day putting numbers on 7 new sails that I bought for the European season. It was a bit of a pain but I know that it will save me so much hassle later on down the road and now I have all the sails I need ready to go. Big thanks to everyone at PSA for helping me out and giving me a great deal. The sails will be air freighted out to Germany so hopefully they’ll be waiting for me when I get there.

Ready to go :)
Ready to go 🙂

And now we get to Friday which was the best day yet! After a great 3 hour session on the water in sunny conditions Ash, Palky and I went and spent the afternoon fishing on Ash’s boat. We didn’t get a lot but we had heaps of fun. We than grabbed Wearny and drove over to Manly and pulled up the boat on the sand because it was Ben-Bry Friday. We all enjoyed some good burgers while watching the sunset after a productive week.

I got the big one
I got the big one 😛
Good session today
Good session today

Europe is only two weeks away now so all pistons are firing doing my final prep before the first event in Spain begins. I’ll keep you posted.


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