A story in stills

The Audi A6 Quattro I got to drive from Hamburg to Hyeres. Had the trailer in tow so I couldn’t fully open her up but it still drove like a dream
Little coffee on top of a big hill. Rode up Mt Nizter when I stopped over night in Grenoble. 14km of climbing and lot’s of beautiful scenery
Our pad in Hyeres. The best bit was the veiw. We would sit for hours on the deck when the sun was out and drink coffee. The Kiwis came around often to join the banter
After a long, cold, rainy one race day in Hyeres. I had a bad race but I still can smile through the dissapointment
Rolling hte sail on the last day of racing. The wind finally came to play and I had some of my favourite conditions to sail in. I also had my best day by far to get a 7th and a 3rd, the second best day in the fleet