Training, travel and coming home

So it’s time to get back into this blog. Basically Europe was one massive learning experience and I’m looking forward to applying what I’ve gained from the first half of the year going on into the second. Once I got back from Europe I finally got to go home. It had been 9 months since I had last been to my home town of Esperance and even though my visit was only a week long it was the most relaxed I had been in a while. I even got a surf in.

The view from the Esperance lookout

The trip home was followed by a plane to Sydney for a week long training camp with the rest of the Australian Team. The week was super productive and it was awesome to get back in the boat after the break and catch up with my friends. Shout out to Ash Brunning for letting me crash at his house for the week.


Training on Sydney Harbour

When I got back to Perth I got straight into a good training block. It was great to get some solid routines going and almost find some normality and stability in my day. All too soon it was broken up though as another adventure was on the horizon. I had been announced as the Australian 4.7 Worlds Team coach and would be flying to Karatsu, Japan for the job.

Morning training ride with a view

Now that I’m in Japan I can honestly say it is the most unusual country I have ever been to out of all my travels. My host can’t speak a word of english but is super friendly and serves the most amazing japanese style breakfasts. Everyone is really polite and the architecture is unique to anything I have ever seen. The training with the team has been really productive and the only setback has been the typhoon that is currently battering the coast. Hopefully we can start on schedule tomorrow as planned.


I’ll keep you posted with my movements a bit more as I return to Europe all too soon.